Site Updates

Updates for 5/09/99:

A new winner has been added to the winners list.I recommend checking out the winners so far as they have great sites.Also the news section has been updated with a interview with cofounder of Webtv Steve Perlman.

Updates for 5/03/99:

A winners list has been added.Find out who won our first award.Link is on the application for the award.New tranloader has been added to the list of uploaders.A new help link has been added as well.Finally now you can recommend this site to a friend simply by clicking on the recommend-it logo at the bottom beside the better builder logo.

Updates for 4/27/99:

Applicaticion for my award shows what it looks like and has rules added.News section has been updated with info on upcoming Webtv devices.

Updates for 4/25/99:

You can now apply for an award.The link is on the front page.More updates later.

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