21st Century WebTV: Interview with Steve Perlman

~WebTV's role in the PC and television of the 21st century~
* More than three years ago, Steve Perlman, co-founder and president of WebTV Networks, stirred up the computer industry by introducing a low-cost device that could access the Internet and send e-mail over the television. Today, many companies offer cheap Internet access in one form or another -- and Perlman, whose company is now a division of Microsoft Corp., talks of reinventing television entirely. Recently, Perlman discussed the subject with Mercury News personal technology reporter Deborah Claymon from the company's Mountain View headquarters. The following is an edited transcript. Click Here

TVs with built in Webtv access

RCA has made a deal to produce tvs with Webtv in them.TVs would be over 27".Philips and Sony have also considered this.Webtv won't stop at just tvs but plan on different approaches for their service.
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Webtv Releases Upgrade

Webtv about a week ago started rolling out a new upgrade.In it spell checker for email and newsgroup posting.Also from what I understand it also has bug fixes for the last upgrade during last summer.The upgrade was stopped when a new bug was found in which custom made IRC's didn't work.Webtv has since fixed that and has started rolling out the upgrade again.This is a client upgrade so you must accept it in order to get it unlike server sides.Most of this info came the Webtv's Help Center and the webtv.users newsgroup.

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