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Tripod is pretty fast.You get 11 MBs,short url (,pretty good tech support,and some added goodies to help make your webpage.You can also join pods which is like a community.Tripod places a popup on the front page only whichcan be remove by paying $6 a month which gives you more space for a total of 22MBs.You are allowed to place sponsorship banners.Highly Recommended!!!!


Slow at times,down sometimes,long url,big ugly banner ads on every page,has blocked Webtv from using online editor,has blocked the transloader,slow ftp.Here is what you get 20 MBs and tech support from ministers not Fortunecity.Not Recommended.Stay Away From Them!!!!


11 MBs,bunch of tools,pretty fast,free email pop3 account,great tech support,also system status page.Here are the bad parts long url (,popup ads on every page without geoguide,linked on banner exchanges (only LinkExchange and through the GeoGuide),sometimes down,watermark.You can pay about $5 a month to get a shorter url,some cgi scripts,no ads,no watermark,and more space.Most reliable!


5 MBs,very fast,short url (,great for starters,counter,free web based email account but must sign up for it.Bad points: tech support slow or never responds,popup ad or banner ad your choice but if site is under 200k no ads,no subdirectories all uploaded images and sound are placed in a /images directory,wierd upload, after uploading you must go login and activate the file before it is removed I think after 15 minutes after upload.Other than that great provider.Recommend for Beginners.


Unlimited space,Web mover like the transloader but can move entirer site at once,only a link button back to wbs.It gets very slow at times due to the unlimited space alot of people use it as a dump site which makes it very slow.Has gone down several times.Also at one time there was a problem editing pages.They have fast support usually answered my question an hour or two after I sent the message!


12 MBs,free guestbook,ftp,web mover like wbs.They have banner ads on every page which messes up frame,can't manage directories from online editor most use ftp.They were down once that I know of and let their users know when they went to edit.


unlimted space,short url like Tripod's.You receive spam mail trying to sell you stuff.If you unsubscribe your homepage is deleted.They now put a top fram on every page.It ruins frames and any page.A link to Xoom is required.They are down alot.Basic online editor and ftp is fast.Check other providers before moving here!!!


Business Only!!!You get 10 MBs,url like ,you can host your own domain for free (internic charge seperate),fast ftp,advanced online editor,email foewarding address,autoresponder,perl cgi access (free for all link and banner exchanges not allowed),can buy more space and get rid of ads,your own newsgroup (browser must support news:// types,Webtv doesn't).Bad points: banners or popups on every page,no free for all link cgi or banner exchange scripts,banners mess up frames,support slow at times.Great Business Host!!!

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